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ZucchiniXpress – Preferred Organic, Seasonal and Local Delivery Service in Orange County!

Mission: ZucchiniXpress provides for an organic lifestyle by delivering the finest, freshest, local vegetables and fruit Southern California has to offer, direct from the organic farmers to the customers. In addition, ZX features a large selection of carefully chosen artisanal products.
ZX complements its mission by educating the community through meaningful events, promoting healthy nutrition, supporting local growers and producers, and raising funds for the underprivileged.

Background: ZucchiniXpress was born from a desire to share the experience of goodness and health when eating the exceptional produce and carefully selected products. It offers the most beautiful, vibrantly alive fruits and veggies as well as the most delicious grass-fed beef, pastured eggs and many other products. Eating this way for several months raises energy, mental clarity and overall well-being. The Zucchini team feels proud and fortunate to offer you the finest produce the earth has to offer in and around Orange County.
This vibrancy the yogis call “prana” or life -force energy.  It promotes aliveness and radiant health. Sadly, most food in our industrialized society is grown in depleted soil that has been over-farmed and often sits in trucks and warehouses for weeks.  As a result, we are sold food that has lost its life-force.  “Nutrients” and other additives are no substitute for this vital energy found naturally in fruits and veggies picked fresh, grown locally and farmed organically.

Unity Farm: Everything you’ll find in your box from Zucchinxpress is alive with energy and has been picked either the day you receive it or  the day before. Our organic farmer, cultivates the rich alluvial soils of Unity Farm in Rubidoux.  He grows a great variety of vegetables, continually supporting the soil using biodynamic principles. The farm is just an hour away from Orange County and grows seasonal, 100% certified organic fruit and vegetables. More fruit comes to us from several different organic farms and orchards.

Your Shares: All of our fruits and vegetables are seasonal and harvested when ripe.  Each week is a discovery as to what you will receive in your box. We will support the delivery with delicious recipes for you to try. Subscribe to our blog http://zucchinixpress.org/blog/!

See below our selection of shares and base subscription prices when you join our CSA. We add a nominal delivery fee for home deliveries.

Season’s Harvest – Small Share: $ 29.00
Season’s Harvest – Medium Share: $35.00
Fruit add-on (Option) $12.00 and Large Orchard Fruit Share: $29.00
Grass-fed beef – Z Paleo Taste – $47.00
Grass-fed beef – Z Paleo Mix – $88.00
New: We offer various Pick 2 and Pick 3 combinations to provide popular items in one delivery. Prices vary. Check out our Paleo combos!

To join our organic delivery service and choose a pick up/delivery location, click here:

We feature more organic items as add-ons (Options).

In our Web Store http://www.farmigo.com/store/zucchinixpress, we offer trial baskets and
local raw wildflower honey, ZBrew (Kean) Coffee, Nuvo California Extra Virgin Olive Oil, delicious “superfood” cookies. Also exclusively in our webs store: books, gift and donation baskets. Please check it out! Remember to sign up for our blog to receive the latest recipes and news from ZucchiniXpress!

Thank you for choosing Zucchinxpress!