Beet Kvass






Beet Kvass is an ancient beverage first introduced by the Russians. It is one of the most nourishing tonics ever created. It is used to aid digestion, cleanse the liver and enrich the blood. Note: Only drink 4 oz (shot glass) in morning and 4 oz at night. Beet kvass is a slightly sour salty earthy beverage that most need to adapt to, but the rewards are well worth it!


1 large organic beet or 3 small
1 tsp whey OR sea salt
Filtered water

Scrub the beet REALLY well. Cut the top and bottom off. Cut the beet into 1 inch pieces. Do not cut too small or the beets will extract too much sugar and the beverage might turn alcoholic or create mold.

Put the beet into a quart size mason quart. Cover the beets with filtered water, leaving a 1 inch head space from the top. Add the salt. Put the lid on and shake well so the salt dissolves. Leave the lid on and store the jar on the counter for a day or two to ferment. Do not leave out longer for a day. After fermentation is complete store the kvass in the refrigerator.

You can make another batch by waiting until there is about a cup of kvass left and by filling the container with more water. No need for salt! Shake and ferment for another day or two.