This Week’s Box, 8/25/14

You will find a selection of the following vegetables in your boxes:   For fruit we offer fresh Fuji apples, bartlett pears, Chinese pears, pluots, plums, variety of grapes

This Week’s Box, 8/11/14

You will find a selection of the following in your boxes:

This Week’s Box, 8/4/14

Carrot Soup with Ginger and Toasted Pumpkin Seed Oil

  Our special recipe for this week with carrots, ginger and toasted pumpkin seed oil. We’ve created a recipe for carrot soup with ginger before, but this one is even tastier because we added toasted pumpkin seed oil which gives the soup a rich and luscious flavor. Ingredients: 1 bunch

This Week’s Box, 7/21

You will find a selection of the vegetables above in your boxes. Also included in some: lettuce and/or parsley. We’ve learned from our farmer that it is a challenge to grow unblemished and truly organic corn. The corn gets often infested with corn mold or corn borer. We are trying

Stuffed Bell Peppers. Recipe for the week of 7/14

Receive an abundance of fresh, crispy bell peppers this season. Not only can they jazz up a salad or any ratatouille, but they also feature incredible health benefits. Bell peppers provide a good source of fiber, are low in calories, rich in vitamin C, phytochemicals, capsaicin, flavonoids, vitmain E, vitamin

This Week’s Box – 7/14

Strawberry Mojitos

Inspired by our customer, Kiel Huntoon, who sent us a recipe for fabulous strawberry mojitos, we went ahead and created super delicious ZuxcchiniXpress strawberry mojitos. In their virgin state they can be served as a very refreshing virgin summer lemonade.  Ingredients: Bacardi Sparkling water (we used the one with natural

This Week’s Box – 6/30. List of Vegetables and Fruit

This Week’s Box – 6/30. List of Vegetables and Fruit You’ll find a selection of the following in your boxes: In the fruit section we have: Strawberries, white peaches, plums, plum cots, oranges and lemons.

Pasta with Mixed Squash

A healthy and easy to prepare recipe for the summer veggies in our boxes – pasta with mixed squash! Ingredients: 1 pckg. wholegrain pasta 1 pattypan squash 2 medium zucchinis 1/2 bunch of basil 1 small onion 5 cloves of garlic 2 medium tomatoes 3 tbs. olive oil Pepper and