Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Why should I choose Zucchinixpress?

There are several compelling reasons to receive your fruit and veggies from Zucchinixpress.

1. Quality:  We have found that the quality of produce is dependent on the quality of the soil.  Our veggies hail from Unity Farm, where our farmer, Gabriel Ruiz has carefully tended the soil using both organic farming methods and biodynamic principles. Biodynamic preparations are made from fermented manure, minerals and herbs and used to help restore the soil and enhance the nutritional properties and flavor of the food.

2. Freshness.  Our veggies are picked the day you receive them. This ensures that the vital life force of the plant is still very present, just as nature intended.

3. Know Your Farmer:  In an age where the term “organic” is used rather loosely- often with little oversight- to offset this, we feel it is important to know your farmer and his farming methods.  Because our farm is local and easily accessible, we also offer seasonal “Trips to the Farm”.   Here you can meet your farmer,  see where your food comes from and learn about organic farming.   You can enjoy picking vegetables and walking through the fields   We love introducing children to the farm so they too can know where their food comes from.

4. Value for your money.  You will find your box of fruit and vegetables from Zucchinixpress to offer exceptional value and usually less expensive than you would find at most health food markets and even Farmers’ Markets.

Why seasonal, local and organic?

One of the wonderful things about eating seasonal, local food is that the earth grows what is right for our bodies for that particular season.  For instance, in the winter time, flu season, nature offers us citrus which is loaded with immune boosting Vitamin C. Winter also offers an abundance of dark leafy greens, natures way of capturing the energy of the sun, making it nutritionally available to us during the days of shorter light.

Seasonal and local lowers our carbon footprint.  Instead of your food coming half way around the world, traveling by ship, train and truck, you know your food has come from less than an hour away and less than a tank of gas.

Organic, farming without the use of toxic fertilizers or pesticides is good for our bodies, the soil and our water; rivers, streams, oceans, even our drinking water.

What is Certified Organic?

Unity Farm, which grows our veggies and our summer fruit is certified organic.  “Certified organic” means that the farm adheres to strict uniform standards verified by independent state or private organizations.  Certification requires detailed record keeping, inspections of farm fields and periodic testing of soil and water to insure that specific standards are being met.

What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a way for the public to create a relationship with the farmer and distributor and to receive a weekly portion of produce. Making a financial commitment (a subscription) allows  for planning for the next growing season. In making this commitment, people become members of the CSA.

Where is the Farm? 

Unity farm lies about 45 minutes drive east of Irvine.  It is located in the rich alluvial plain of Rubidoux, an unincorporated area of Riverside. We source our fruit from several different organic local orchards.

What if I want to go on vacation?

It’s easy!  Just go into your account and put in the start and stop days.  We will put a hold on your subscription until you get back home.  Please note, we need at least four days prior notification.  See policy page.

What do I do with this unfamiliar vegetable (or fruit)?

One of the beauties of a CSA is that occasionally, you may receive some varieties of produce you may not have seen before.  Don’t panic!  We are eager to help.  Most weeks we post the contents of the harvest box, along with images with recipes and preparation tips.  Visit our website at Zucchinixpress.org and check out our recipe section and subscribe to our blog!

Can I choose which vegetables and fruit I want in my box?

Our farmer packs our boxes with whatever is ripe in the field that day.  Due to the number of orders we process every week and the complexity of the scheduling, it is not possible to do substitutions.


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