Unity Farms Box Salad

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Unity Farms Box Salad

This salad is an expression of love from farm to table. Unity Farms is an organic and biodynamic farm that specializes in creating the most fertile soil to produce the most nutrient dense produce in Southern California. To share this gift of fresh produce with friends and family, they have joined up with CSA Zucchini Xpress to deliver a box of fruit and veggies straight to their door. Everything in the box was picked either that morning or the day before! When you have the privilege of eating something so living, all you want to do is cherish every flavor without manipulating its integrity. Here I created a very simple salad reflecting the farm.

Serves: 4

Assortment of salad leaves

2 carrots

2 radish

1 grapefruit, or orange
1 apple
1 avocado
1 spring onion
Salt and Pepper


Begin by thoroughly washing every vegetable.

With a peeler, peel the carrot and continue peeling one side until you get large curls. Roll each curl from one tip to the next.

Peel the grapefruit using a knife, making sure to take off all the pith. Segment the grapefruit by inserting you paring knife where one segment begins and making a V cut to pop it out. Take out all segments and cut them in half.  SAVE the middle pulp.

Cut the avocado in half. Scoop out the meat with a large spoon. Slice thinly.

If you have a mandolin, slice the radish very thinly lengthwise. If not, slice thinly with knife.

Thinly slice apple and spring onion.

In a bowl, squeeze the juice left over from the pulp of the grapefruit over the salad leaves. Toss with salt and pepper. Taste for more acidity.

To plate, assemble the salad leaves so that it looks as if it is growing out of the bowl. Randomly place each ingredient, making it attractive to the eye. Drizzle left over juice from bowl over leaves. Enjoy!