Home Made Yogurt

Recipe provided by Christina
Home Made Yogurt

If you have a lot of milk that is about to spoil soon don’t let it go to waste, ferment it! Yogurt is so easy to make, I used to make it in my dorm room in college. It is also loaded with probiotics which helps with digestion and improves the immune system.


1 gallon milk
1 cup plain yogurt with active cultures (most organic or Greek style yogurt should have this)
large stock pot with lid(big enough to hold a gallon)
wooden spoon or whisk
mason jars
heating pad (optional)


First start by placing the milk in the pot and slowly heat it up to about 180F. Make sure not to let the milk boil over because it will cause a giant mess. Turn the heat off, put the lid on, and keep the milk at that temperature for 30 minutes. This will produce a thick yogurt.
After 30 minutes, take the lid off and let the temperature come down to 100-110F. Any hotter and it will kill the yogurt starter. If it gets too cold it will not ferment (under 80F). Now add the yogurt and stir it very well to incorporate.

At this point, you can ladle the mixture into mason jars. If you live in a hot place where your kitchen stays warm then leave the container on the counter. If it gets cold then do this alternate method. Take your blanket and wrap the mason jars in it. Put the heating pad in between the blanket, but not directly touching the jars. Turn the heat on warm and let it sit for 5-8 hours. The yogurt likes to ferment at a temperature of about 100F.

After 5 hours you should have beautiful thick yogurt. Stick this in the refrigerator and eat chilled. Serve with fresh seasonal fruit, nuts and honey for a delicious breakfast.